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Chariot is an Annapolis 44 sloop, designed by Bill Luders in 1938 and built of fiberglass in 1963 at United Boat Builders in Bellingham WA. These boats were originally designed for the Annapolis Naval Academy for teaching mid-shipmen sailing skills while racing competitively along the Eastern Seaboard for over 50 years. Chariot is one of six sloops built for private ownership. She has been carefully restored and is ready to take you for an exciting day of sailing on Bellingham Bay or for weekend or weeklong sailing lessons in the beautiful San Juan Islands. Guests often see bald eagles, sea lions, orcas and dolphins, birds and wildlife alongside the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. 

Captain Cathy Franklin is a US Coast Guard Licensed Master and a sailing instructor certified by the American Sailing Association. She has sailed Chariot up and down the California coast and the coast of Mexico, Costa Rica and through the Panama Canal and from Cartegena Columbia up through the Western Caribbean to the Bay Islands of Honduras and the Yucatan Peninsula, Florida and the Bahamas. She has also cruised the Grenadines and done deliveries from Grenada in the West Indies to North Carolina and several along the California coast. She has sailed Chariot here in the Pacific Northwest from Bellingham to Tacoma and throughout the San Juan and Gulf Islands. 



Sailing on the Chariot with Captain Cathy was an amazing, unforgettable experience! Our family couldn't decide what to do for the last day of our trip, and last minute called Cpt. Cathy on a referral. She was not only able to accommodate us last minute, but provided us with one of the best days of vacation we've ever had and a lifetime of memories :) Highly recommend you don't miss out on this opportunity!!!

Sailing with Cathy was an absolute blast! Both my wife and I spent a week with her on her beautiful boat Chariot learning how to sail and the time spent was incredible. She was incredibly patient with the two of us during the whole process and made the week feel like a perfect getaway. I would highly recommend Cathy to anyone wanting to learn to sail!

"Spending a week aboard Chariot with Cathy was an amazing experience! My husband and I can now sail with confidence thanks to Cathy's attentive teaching, experience and leadership. If you want to learn to sail I would highly recommend a week aboard Chariot with Cathy showing you the 'ropes' (I mean lines, Cathy!).

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