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The McFarlanes - July 21, 2016

Linda and Andy McFarlane from Whidby Island were both certified to ASA level 104 last week.

Having been lifelong boaters and fisher-people, Linda and Andy had always wanted to try sailing. With a lot of hard work and teamwork, they now know that they LOVE sailing, just as they always thought they would! With conditions from zero to 22 knots, they got a good taste of what it's really like out there! We visited Matia, Sucia, Jones Island, Friday Harbor, Blind Bay, Prevost Harbor on Stuart Island and Eagle Cove on Cypress.

Andy and Linda showed up at the boat with salmon, halibut and rockfish, which they caught on their recent Alaska trip, and Linda cooked some fantastic meals for us. We even caught a few crab on opening day!

Linda's daughter Paige joined us for a few days from Seattle, and got some serious relaxation, reading and fishing done.

Meeting such wonderful people and sharing in the joy of their discovery of sailing is what I love most about my job!

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